Main hall, Salute! Place of event


Rostov-on-don, Gazetniy, tel. 84

Telephone: 256-33-34

Total capacity: 200 people

Area: 350 sq.m..

Technical facilities: yes

Kitchen: yes

General Director: Kristina Zelenina (Art Director)


Main hall (350 m)
A large hall with high ceilings allows you to hold an event in any colour scheme and theme. The platform can be easily transformed into an exhibition, business or Banquet space. The design and equipment are suitable for any decoration. Removable curtains and chandeliers with the adjustable light output. Ability to create a "blackout". It can accommodate 200 people in the Banquet format or up to 500 in the buffet format.

Type of venue:
Banquet room, Exhibition space, Room for negotiations, Conference hall, Conference complex, Non-standard platform

Type of event:
Banquet, Exhibition, Conference, Corporate party, Presentation, Seminar-training, Team building, Forum