Tourist area «DON STEPPE»

What’s interesting?

State biosphere nature reserve «Rostovsky». It is a museum of nature were are located the largest salt lake of the Europe Manych-Gudilo, the island of Don Mustangs, ecological trails in the wild steppe, Sung steppe festival.

Center for rare animals of the Association «Living Nature of the steppe» in the village Kundryuchenskiy.

House-Museum of S. M. Budyonny and the Grand Duke's stud farm in Proletarsk.

Salsk art Museum of V. K. Nechitailo.

Veselovskoe and Proletarskoe reservoirs. The right bank of the Manych river is a perfect place for fishing.

Don steppe
Don steppe

Why you must visit «DON STEPPE» area?

  • The territory of ecotourism, fishing, and the world's best crayfish
  • One of the largest salt lakes in Europe – Manych-Gudilo. In the middle of lake you can see the island inhabited by herds of wild Mustangs
  • Eco-routes with fishing on the Manych кiver, Proletarsky and Veselovsky reservoirs
  • Gastronomic tours "For the Manych crayfish" with a tasting of a dozen dishes with crayfish: in spicy and cucumber pickles, with sour cream, in beer, kvass, wine, and with sugar
  • Eco-tours to the state natural biosphere reserve "Rostovsky", protected by UNESCO
  • Horseback riding tours on the legendary Budenny breed horses