Facts and figures about the Rostov region

Convenient logistics

«Platov» international airport, Rostov-on-Don

5 stars-rating of the international agency Skytrax

40+ flight directions

12 daily flights to Moscow

World Airport Awards 2020

Platov international airport is recognized as the best among the regional airports in Russia as well as in the CIS countries

The 4th best airport in the world with a passenger traffic of up to 5 million people

Modern Congress venues

50+ sites

Up to 2200 people capacity

20+ places for non-standard events

Night of museums, theater backstage, roof with the best view of the city panorama… Consider that you have the keys to all the doors! Where would you like to be?

Service and hospitality

633 hotels

15000 rooms

Utkino Country House is the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards «Luxury Hotel Northern Europe» as well as the GQ Travel Awards «Best Russian hotel for recreation»

Old House Resort & Spa is the winner of the World Spa & Wellness Awards in the category "Best Spa hotel in Eastern Europe"

SOHO Grand Hotel and Boutique hotel "39" are finalists of the Russian Hospitality Awards in the category "Best design hotel"

Creative MICE-ideas

Performance city-walks and immersive excursions in urban space

Lunch on a 1940s retro train

Cossack pop-art

Outdoor activities: golf, jeeping, diving, surfing and others

Performance city-walk "Magic country" is the winner of the national theater award "Golden mask"

Expedition to the island of wild Mustangs

Yoga retreat and camping under the stars

Tourist zones of the Rostov region

Donetsk Kamensk-Shahtinsk Gukovo Zverevo Novoshahtinsk Free M4Don Road Don steppe The Don valley Upper Don Shahty Don’s heart Azov Azovarea Rostov-on-Don Bataysk Novocherkassk BigRostov
  • The tourist centre of the South of Russia, which has saved the cultural and historical heritage, magnificent architecture, the spirit of merchants and traditions of hospitality
  • Rostov-on-don this is the capital of gastronomic of the South of Russia
  • Convenient location, transport accessibility
  • Well-developed infrastructure, high-level exhibit spaces and hotels
  • The unique atmosphere and cultural traditions of the Lower don
  • Taganrog is a picturesque southern resort town founded by Peter the I
  • Chekhov’s homeland and Faina Ranevskaia
  • Corporate events based on horse and yacht clubs
  • Teambuilding at the European level of karting tracks
  • The territory of 7 rivers and picturesque nature
  • A lot of archaeological sites – more than 400 mounds, sites, settlements, places of battles
  • Corporate events based on the unique Loga Park, a true masterpiece of landscape art, and the southern bird Park Malinka
  • Gastro events based on the restaurant of author's cuisine the "Teterev"
  • The territory of Cossack history, life, and folklore
  • Don nature, rich lands, and fishing
  • Tours on yachts, rafts, and boats on the Don River and the North Donets river
  • VIP-level thematic events based on the unique Utkino country club
  • A variety of activities - archery, horse riding, riding tours, ATV, bicycles, etc.
  • The atmosphere of calm, clean air, beautiful and majestic places, sung in the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov
  • Event tours for ethnographic holidays of the Sholokhov Museum-reserve-festival Sholokhovskaya spring, Cossack's stage combat, Kruzhilinsky talks, Karginskaya fair
  • Team buildings and theatrical team games with immersion in the Cossack life of the XX century - wheat harvest with sickles, work with flails and millstones, participation in ancient rituals, etc.
  • The territory of ecotourism, fishing, and the world's best crayfish
  • One of the largest lakes in Europe – Manych-Gudilo, in the middle of which the island has been inhabited by a herd of wild horses – Don Mustangs - for more than half a century
  • Eco-routes with fishing on the Manych River, Proletarsky and Veselovsky reservoirs
  • Russian "Loire's Valley" cradle of the Russian grape, the area of autochthonous
  • Tasting of unique autochthonous grape varieties – Siberian, Krasnostop zolotovsky, Tsimlyansky Black and others.
  • Enogastronomical tours to the homeland of Russian grapes, culinary duels, and masterclasses
  • Tours to the world's northernmost ancient wine terraces above the Don.

Choosing a MICE venues

MICE venues

Boutique hotel №39VIP meeting room

Rostov-on-don, 39 Shaumyan street

Total capacity
12 people
Technical facilities
Rostov Arena

Rostov-on-don, 2B Levoberezhnaya street

Total capacity
Technical facilities
Old HouseOpen spaces

Ust-koysug village, 123 Beregovaya street

Total capacity
more then 250 people
Technical facilities
Hotel "Soho" AzovSmall conference hall

Azov, Dzerzhinsky str., 6

Total capacity
15 people
Technical facilities
Visokiy beregRoom for negotiations

Rostov-on-don, 27 Levoberezhnaya street

Total capacity
10 people
Technical facilities
Novocherkassk HotelConference hall

Novocherkassk, 118 Baklanovsky Ave.

Total capacity
120 people
Technical facilities