Tourist zone «Azov area»

What’s interesting?

Taganrog is the most western city in the region, founded by Peter the Great in 1698. It is located in the Taganrog Bay of the Azov sea on a cape called Taganiy Rog because of its elongated and slightly twisted shape. A picturesque resort, the birthplace of a lagendery writer Anton Chekhov.

The Don region
The Don region

The lands of the Azov region are located at once on two continents. The Don river divides it into "European" and "Asian" parts. In the XI century, it took the beginning of the Great Silk Road leading to China. Since 1884, there is an Alexandrovsky forest on its territory. It's a natural monument with many spices of the animals and plants.

Neklinovsky district is a hospitable land of unique Cossack traditions and picturesque landscapes. Suitable for fishing and ecotourism.

The Don region

Why you must visit «Azov area»?

  • The unique atmosphere and cultural traditions of the Lower Don
  • Taganrog is a picturesque southern resort founded by Peter the Great
  • Burthplace of a lagendery writer Anton Chekhov
  • Corporate events based on yaht and horse clubs
  • Teambuilding at the european level kartodrome
  • Photo school and photo hunting in the Alexandrovsky forest
  • An excellent option for the bleasure (Business + leisure) format
  • Yachting, surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding on the Azov sea
  • Historical balls and large-scale historical reconstructions