Tourist zone «DON’s HEART»

What’s interesting?

The village Melehovskoy. It was founded in the XVI century as the Cossack town of Melekhov. Today it's the territory of a serene beach holiday and swimming in the Don river, fishing and walks through picturesque places to healing springs.

The village Puhljakovsky.  In 1905 here was opened a Military school of viticulture and winemaking. This is one of the popular tourist places. Many tourists love to come here for the holidays and on festivals «Kalinin summer», «Donskaya Loza».

The village Razdorskaya is the first capital of the Cossacks. In the XVI—XVII centuries, Razdory town was the main military center. Now here is situated the main objects of the Razdorsky ethnographic Museum that characterize the history and culture of the Don Cossacks.

Don’s heart
Don’s heart

Why you must visit «DON’s HEART» area?

  • The territory of Cossack history, life and folklore
  • Don nature, rich lands and perfect fishing
  • Yacht tours, rafts, and boats on the Don river and the North Donets river
  • VIP-level thematic events based on the unique infrastructure Utkino country club
  • A variety of activities: archery, horse riding, quad bikes, buggies, snowmobiles, seegways, bicycles, etc
  • Adventure tours to the legendary island of Buyan and archaeological excavations of the bronze age
  • Quest tours and trips to the world of primitive people based on the open-air interactive Museum of historical reconstruction
  • Visit to the famous Don faience production and take a part at master-classe in hand painting on ceramics