Tourist area «UPPER DON»

What’s interesting?

Unique Sholokhov places — the legendary place of birth of Nobel laureat Michael Sholohov. Here he lived and write his famous novel «Quiet Don». Here you can see the beauty of Don nature with its tracts, floodplain lakes, and forests.

The State Museum is a reserve of M. A. Sholokhov — there are the manor of Michael Sholokhov,  the Literary Museum, the memorial and historical complex, the embankment of the village of Veshenskaya, Kruzhilinsky and Karginsky memorial-historical complex.

Ethnographic festivals: «Sholokhov spring», Cossacks demonstration fights, and «Kruzhilinskiy bazar».

Migulinsky caves — an ancient underground monastery in the Verkhnedonsky district, cut down in a chalk hill near the village of Migulinskaya, the first cells of which appeared during the Tatar-Mongol yoke.

Veshenskiy sanatorium is a climatic and balneological resort of the forest-steppe zone, located on the Left Bank of the Don river in a pine forest.

Upper Don
Upper Don

Why you must visit «UPPER DON» area?

  • Сlean air, beautiful and majestic nature, legendary sites writen in the novel by Mikhael Sholokhov. Calm and peaceful atmosphere
  • Event tours for ethnographic holidays of the Sholokhov Museum-reserve-festival Sholokhovskaya spring, Cossack's stage combat, Kruzhilinsky talks, Karginskaya fair
  • Team buildings and theatrical team games with immersion in the Cossack life of the XX century - wheat harvest with sickles, work with flails and millstones, participation in ancient rituals, etc.
  • Gastronomic tours with a tasting of Don fish soup, Kulesh, cooking of watermelon honey — nardek 
  • Fascinating eco-routes through the monuments of wildlife — floodplain lakes, forests, and tracts, in the mysterious Stone forest, acquaintance with the red-book Russian muskrat