Tourist area «THE DON VALLEY»

What’s interesting?

Volgodonsk is the youngest city in the region, the city of a peaceful atom and the venue for the interregional festival "the Great Silk Road on the Don".

Sarkel village  is named in memory of the fortress, the center of the Khazar Khaganate. The remains of this fortress you can see it in the surrounding area, having visited the wine estate and cheese factory, local festivals, including the festival "Tsimlyanskaya vine".

In the Starozolotovsky village is the ethnographic Museum "Quiet Don", created  on the basis of the scenery of the same film, shot by director S. Ursulyak in 2015.

The Don valley
The Don valley

In the Don valley there are an unique terroirs allow you to successfully develop winemaking. Here people are growing an unique sorts of autochthonous grape varieties that have appeared here at the VII-VIII centuries.

Three varieties — ≪Krasnostop zolotovskiy≫, ≪Tsimlyansky black≫, ≪Sibirkovy≫ and seven categories of species were recognized as authentic. It's been proven by the world scientist José Vouillamoz on the basis of the DNA varieties.

Strong winds and a large temperature difference protect the vines from diseases and give the grapes a particularly rich taste. Every autumn the vines are removed from the trellis and protect from the frost. And in the spring they take it out again and tie it up.

The «Don cup» is a traditional Cossack way of planting and trellising grapes, allowing the vines to get maximum sunlight. It is cultivated only manually.

Why you must visit «THE DON VALLEY» area?

  • Cradle of the Russian grape, the area of autochthonous
  • Tasting of unique autochthonous grape varieties – Siberian, Krasnostop zolotovsky, Tsimlyansky Black and others
  • Enogastronomical tours to the homeland of Russian grapes, culinary duels, and masterclasses
  • Tours to the most northern ancient wine terraces above the Don.
  • Incentive programs with accommodation in the most beautiful places on the Don river, with golden beaches and clear water.