Festival "The Great Silk road on the Don"

7 of September 2019

Location: city Volgodonsk

Number of participants: in 2 days there were more than 54 thousand people


The Great Silk Road on Don festival, one of the largest ethnocultural festivals in the South of Russia. During the 2 days of the Festival, from 6 to 7 September, it was visited by 54 thousand people. 
The conceptual content was based on the diversity of the Don peoples, their cultures and traditions, which were closely intertwined on the most important trade route of antiquity. The Central key-points were the Khazars, Central Asia, Nomadic tribes, and China.
Authentic interactive tents were designed and created for each cultural group, representing the visual heritage of culture through costumes, household, and interior items, and architectural styles. Inside the tents, guests got acquainted with the traditions of each nation and created the attributes of that time with their own hands: Hazar's walnut amulets, nomadic arrows, Chinese paper lanterns, and Central Asian games.
For young guests of the Festival was created a special zone "Skakuha". It is a swing that is an exact copy of the South Slavic "kachul".
The festival has modern information support: a map of the entire Festival, navigation signs, and branding of entrance points with flags. 
The Central event of the Festival was the performance of the folk group "Yarilov heat" which ended with a festive fireworks display.