Ecological tour The Steppe tulips fragrance

April 2019

Location: Заповедник «Ростовский»

Number of participants: 15


The group went on a unique tour to the valley of Western Manych, to the shores of Lake Manych-Gudilo, to the world of the great Don steppe, to see the blooming carpet with their own eyes and inhale the delicate aroma of wild tulips. 
A person who came here in the middle of April is fascinated by the Kingdom of red, yellow, and colorful beautiful tulips, popularly called steppe lazorics. One of the most powerful flyways in Eurasia for waterfowl and birds of prey passes through the Manych valley.
Besides, tour participants got on the ferry to the island called Water, which is home to the real Don Mustangs! Wild horses of the Rostov nature reserve are a unique attraction of the Rostov region, they fascinate with their elegance and free nature.