Tour of the Rostov region "Kazan. Wild boar. Deer"

03.10.2019 - 06.10.2019

Number of participants: 20


Day 1
Lunch at the local restaurant "Leo Wine & Kitchen" with tasting of the best wines of the world.
Visiting the Don Golf Country Club, which is the first active club in the South of Russia with the appropriate infrastructure, a high-class Golf course, and a training Golf Academy.
Learning the basics of playing Golf and conducting team competitions.
Visiting the village Starocherkasskaya in the Aksai district.
Excursion of the village with a visit to the Starocherkassk Military Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.
A city with taste: gastronomic dinner in the pub "Raki and Reptiles" in Rostov-on-don.
Bar mile: familiarity with the author's Rostov bars "My bar," "The Shining, "Sidreria Fox".

Day 2
Yacht trip (Ust-koysug, Azov district)
Lunch at the restaurant serving house speciality cuisine the Old House Resort and SPA 5 * 
Master class in watercolor painting
Sightseeing tour of Azov:
- walk through the historical part of the city, the fortress and ramparts of the XVII century-memory of the Azov siege of 1637-1642 and the Azov campaigns of Peter I;
- visit the Azov historical, archaeological and paleontological Museum-reserve — one of the largest museums in the South of Russia;
- visit the Powder magazine-a monument of military engineering art of the XVIII Century. 
Quest "in search of treasures of Eurasian nomads"
Dinner at Diaghilev restaurant in SOHO Grand Hotel 5*

Day 3
Visit "Utkino" Country House 5* in Semikarakorskiy district.
Welcome cocktail.
BBQ lunch on the terrace of the hookah bar, tasting don soup cooked in a cauldron over an open fire.
Expedition on electric cars on the territory of the country complex "Utkino" Country House 5*.
An introductory shooting with a Beretta rifle at moving targets.
Quest "Legion", an interactive program.
Spa & Wellness Utkino: visiting Aqua zones (indoor pool, Jacuzzi, salt room, infrared cabins).
Dinner in the restaurant "Utkino", an evening of live music.

Day 4
A visit to the Cossack ethno-complexes "Trout" in Rostov-on-don.
Master class on cooking don crayfish according to an old Cossack recipe.
Interactive program of the Cossack theme with a performance of the folklore ensemble.
Traditional Cossack meal in the restaurant of the kumzha ethnic complex.